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We are not a recruitment agency; we are creating competitive advantage through unique HR solutions to our clines. CDO is responsible for the development and implementation of HR strategies and key activities to attract, develop and retain a diverse and talented workforce. We also identify who are the right people for the job, help you retain the best talent and maximize the potential of your leaders.

We are specialized in providing a range of HR Consulting services to our clients across areas. CDO HR service is dedicated to meet the needs of all sectors; our talanted HR consutlants are committed to providing effective, flexible Human Resources services of exceptional quality.

We offer creative but cost-effective human resources and development support to satisfy the needs of your business, wherever you are based in the Egypt. Whether you are a small, start-up enterprise needing guidance and support or a large established company looking to supplement your HR department, we can deliver.

Why CDO?!

  • Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions
  • Building capabilities and mobilizing organizations
  • Highly cost effective - our fees are competitive and substantially below those charged by large consultancy firms
  • We deliver customized solutions that resolve client’s most significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage Business centric approach.
  • Flexible solutions tailored to you and your current needs
  • Helps to eliminate your exposure with regard to employment law and compliance
  • We are one of the first business schools offering intensive employment preparation development training programs.

CDO is providing the follwoing HR services

  • Restructuring the organization
  • Training & Development
  • Salary & Benefits Survey
  • Job Design and Defining Work
  • Job Evaluation and Grading
  • Rewarding for performance and results
  • Implementation of Job Analysis & Selection frameworks.
  • Establishment of career path structures
  • Building employee motivation and engagement
  • Boosting organizational performance
  • Designing Health care network
  • Succession Planning and the establishment of Leadership and Talent Programs
  • Assessment Centre